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you might be in for a shock

When it comes to home repairs, we often misjudge the scope and difficulty of the task at hand. Ten minutes of surfing the Web for countless blogs, sites and ‘how to’ videos usually leaves us with the impression that we’re more than capable of tackling important renovations by ourselves.

When it comes to working with electricity, though, it’s always best to let qualified professionals do what they do best. At Sons of Electric, we pride ourselves in providing quality work that lasts in a timely manner. Our experienced electricians have been providing Calgary homeowners and businesses with professional electrical installation and repair services for nearly twenty years.

Do You Have a Current Need for an Electrician?

Not sure if you need an electrician? Here are some signs that might suggest you do.

1. You’re often left in the dark. Do your lights turn off when you use the microwave and coffee pot at the same time? Frequently blown fuses and easily tripped circuit breakers are telltale signs that your circuits might be overloaded and are drawing more current than they can provide. This may also be a warning that one of your circuits may not be working properly.

2. Two holes instead of three. It’s important to make sure that your home is equipped with three-pronged outlets. The third prong, or ground, on a plug is meant to ground a short circuit of an electrical device in the event that a wire might make contact with the shell, saving you from a rather unpleasant shock.

3. Let’s plug in another! If your current electrical outlets are overloaded with power strips and extension cords, it may be time to call an electrician. While these handy gadgets help convert one outlet into many, too many plugged in at once may overload your electrical system and can create a potential fire hazard.

4. That warm, fuzzy feeling. Be wary if your light switches and outlets are hot to the touch or if they give off the small occasional shock. This might be a sign that they’re being overloaded with electrical current or that they’ve been incorrectly wired.

5. Your house has character. If your house is 25 years or older and has never had its electrical system upgraded to a more current one, now’s the time to do it. Bringing your home up to code with today’s safety and electrical regulations will help to avoid potential dangers and hazards that may be lurking in your out-dated electrical system.

Your Calgary Electricians

You should never take electrical repairs lightly. Committed to providing you with the very best professional electrical services possible, our certified team of electricians will help you with all of your electrical needs, both big and small!

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