LED Retrofitting


LED Retrofitting Offers High Output Illumination

That Will Cut Costs, Attract Potential Customers, Improve Customer Experience and Ultimately Improve Sales and Increase Profits!


 5 Steps to Above Average Cost Savings & Increased Profits


1. Facility Scan - Designed to Identify & Estimate Initial Cost-Savings

This initial “snapshot” analysis of your current system enables us to identify potential cost-saving initiatives. With this information, we are able to provide a detailed report of our findings complete with an initial savings estimate.


2. Efficiency Audit - This More In-depth Analysis Will Chart a Series of Efficiency Improvements with a Projected Increase in Profit Estimate

In step 2, we go much deeper into each area of your operation in an effort to design a detailed blueprint of how to improve your company’s energy usage and ultimately increase profits.


3. Energy Action Plan -This Strategic Planning Session with the Owner Aligns Your Clear Goals and Objectives

Together we analyze our series of energy efficiency improvements, add our recommendations and agree on implementation strategies that align with your desired goals and objectives, to form a comprehensive energy action plan.


4. Energy Plan Implementation - Effective Execution

We take our comprehensive action plan to the execution stage and keep it on track with “vested interest” project management via our franchised systems.


5. Follow Through and Follow up - Strategic Accountability Ensures Sustainability

When changes, or enhancements to systems are implemented, a strategic follow up plan enables us to make meaningful refinements along the way, thus making sure that your system operates to full efficiency capacity.