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lighting problems in your home?

Have you been buying light bulbs in bulk lately? You may have a problem on your hands. And as the savviest electricians in Calgary, we can tell you that as far as we’ve heard, there’s nothing wrong with the power grid.

What that means, then, is that the problem is with your home wiring or lighting and stocking up on cheap light bulbs won’t make it go away.

Let’s take a look at the three home lighting problems most commonly found by our Calgary electricians.

1. Lights flickering or dimming

Is it dangerous? It depends. At the very least, a flickering light bulb is dangerous for your mental health. But in some cases, it could be a sign of a bad circuit, which is a fire hazard.

The cause: There could be a loose connection between the light bulb and the bulb socket. Or, if the lights dim when the air conditioner kicks in, its motor could be drawing too many amps.

If several lights in one room are flickering, or if the lights throughout your home flicker without a major appliance switching on, there may be a circuit problem or loose service conductor that needs to be addressed.

The fix: If the problem isn’t a wonky light bulb or faulty fixture, you’ll need to have an electrician do a circuit diagnosis to find the loose conductor. If your AC unit or another large appliance is causing the lights to blink on and off, talk to your electrician about ways to modify the amp load.

2. The light isn’t bright enough

Is it dangerous? It is if you’re chopping vegetables with a sharp knife. Otherwise, it’s just annoying and can give you a pounding headache.

The cause: According to our electricians the problem could be that you are relying on a single overhead fixture. Or it could just be a typical Calgary winter that’s to blame. We can’t help with the last problem, but we can suggest solutions for a more effective lighting setup wherever you need it.

The fix: We can send an electrician to your Calgary-area home for a free assessment of your lighting situation. We might suggest installing recessed lighting, track lighting or other arrangements that will make your life easier and your home brighter.

3. Buzzing lights

Is it dangerous? No, but it can be very irritating. This is a fairly common problem in dining rooms and living rooms where dimmer switches are installed.

The cause: Cheap dimmer switches can cause light bulbs to buzz or hum because of the way they alternate the electrical current to make the light less bright.

The fix: Try using a rough-service light bulb that has more wiring in the bulb to protect the filament. For a long-term repair, have a better-quality dimmer switch installed.

No more electrical quick fixes

DIY lighting attempts can be dangerous and are usually ineffective in the long term. If you’re ready for a permanent fix, call Sons of Electric today. We’ll find the problem and fix it so your home is brighter and cozier.