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you might be in for a shock

When it comes to home repairs, we often misjudge the scope and difficulty of the task at hand. Ten minutes of surfing the Web for countless blogs, sites and ‘how to’ videos usually leaves us with the impression that we’re more than capable of tackling important renovations by ourselves. When it comes to working with… Read More

lighting problems in your home?

Have you been buying light bulbs in bulk lately? You may have a problem on your hands. And as the savviest electricians in Calgary, we can tell you that as far as we’ve heard, there’s nothing wrong with the power grid. What that means, then, is that the problem is with your home wiring or… Read More

the top 10 home wiring problems solved

If you own a home, especially one of those older Calgary houses, then you don’t need an electrician to tell you that some electrical problems are bound to crop up. And if your wiring isn’t up to snuff, not only are you and your family in danger of getting a shock, you could also lose… Read More